Lakes and volcanoes

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Bali Lakes

Lake Buyan

Description: Buyan is surrounded by evergreen forest and vegetation. Its fresh air gives pleasant and comfort to the visitors. Here, visitors usually rent a traditional yacht (Perahu in Balinese) to enjoy some activities, such as fishing or lake crossing.  Other attractions include groups of tamed monkey in the forest around the main road.

Location: Buyan Lake is located at the district of Sukasada, about 21 km south of Singaraja at an altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level, making it always fresh and cool.

Facility: parking area, traditional yachts for rent, some bungalows and restaurants.

Lake Buyan, Bali

Lake Beratan

Description: Beratan Lake is located on the eastern side of Buyan Lake. Here, visitors also can enjoy similar activities as in Buyan. There is a massive temple called Pura Ulun Danu in the west side of the lake. The local Hindus believe this temple is the realm of the God of Prosperity, Sang Hyang Dewi Danu.

Location: Beratan Lake is located in the edge of Catur Mountain, Candikuning Village, sub-district of Baturiti, Tabanan. The Bedugul Botanical Garden and Amusement Park is located nearby the lake.

Facility: private villas, bungalows, traditional market and restaurants.

Lake Tamblingan

Description: The view at Tamblingan Lake is breath-taking with Lesong Mountain (1860 m) at the background, creating the silhouette on the water looks like a big crystal. Here, there are many historical temples which record the development of Balinese culture.

Location: This Lake is located at Munduk Village, sub-district of Banjar, Singaraja. Lake Tamblingan is on the western side of Buyan Lake, separated by only few hundreds meter of green forest.

Facility: Lake Tamblingan is an appeal for nature lovers. There is no modern facility, only several traditional bungalows and restaurants.

Lake Batur

Description: Lake Batur must be formerly the caldera of Mt. Batur, before it rose to its current peak, just nearby the lake. This caldera was caused by the most terrifying eruption of Batur Mountain in 1926. There is a holy spring the water of which is believed to be able to rinse human soul, the location of which Hindu’s ceremony regularly is celebrated. Near the lake is Batur Temple, one of the six Hindu main temples in Bali (Sad Kahyangan).

Location: Batur Lake is located in the sub-district of Kintamani, Bangli, 65 km from Denpasar.

Facility: accommodations, traditional boats, souvenir market, restaurants.


Bali Volcanoes

Pohen mountain

Description: Pohen Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bali. On the slope of this mountain lies Bedugul Botanical Garden with a collection of original Indonesia plants and imported one. Visitors usually enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Beratan from this slope.

Location: Pohen Mountain is located in the sub-district of Baturiti, Tabanan.
Facility: accommodations, souvenir market, restaurants

Mt. Catur

Description: Mt. Catur (2096 m) is located side-by-side with Pohen Mountain, a great place for nature-lovers and adventure seekers. Similarly, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Beratan from this spot. No tourism facility is available here, so visitors must bring their own food and water. The popular Gitgit Waterfall is located on the northern side of the peak.

Location: Mt. Catur sits on the eastern side of Lake Bratan, sub-district of Baturiti, Tabanan, about a 2 hour-drive from Denpasar.

Facility: various tourist facilities can be found on the southern bank of the lake and also in Candi Kuning.

Mt. Batukaru

Description: Mt. Batukaru (2,276 m) is the island’s second tallest, located on the last true section of jungle, south of Pohen Mountain. Here visitors usually hike in a group, enjoy the spectacular 360 degree of the whole Bali from atop the peak. Some people like to camp up there, which would be a wonderful experience.
On the edge of this mountain sits a wonderful temple named Pura Luhur Batukaru, one of the six main temples in Bali (Sad Kahyangan). The temple is crowded by thousands worshipers once a year when the Hindu’s ceremony is celebrated here because Balinese from across the island come here.

Location: Mt. Batukaru is located on northern area of Tabanan, three hours drive from Denpasar.

Mt. Batur

Description: Mt. Batur (1,412 m) is the island’s most active volcano. It has one of the biggest calderas in the world (van Bemmelen, 1949), measuring 13.8 x 10 km in size, with Lake Batur dominating the eastern half. Visitors can see the liquid sulfur of various colors here. On the edge of this mountain lies a millennium aged Trunyan Village where the original Balinese people, called Bali Aga, live with their very unique tradition where the dead is neither cremated nor buried, rather laid down beneath the Trunyan tree. Nearby the lake there is Pura Batur Temple with a holy spring believed to have the power to clean the soul.

Location:  Kintamani is located in the District of Bangli, 65 km from Denpasar.
Facility: Modern or traditional accommodations, transportation, souvenir markets and various restaurants.

Batur mountain in Bali

Mt. Abang

Description: Mt. Abang (2,153 m), or Mt. Red, offers a sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, heavily forested in one side and lightly barren on the other, with many beautiful flowers of various colors along the way. People may find this more enjoyable climbing during the light hours to get shade from the searing sunlight. Nearby the top of this peak lie old temples such as Pura Munggu, Pura Manu Kaya, Pura Puncak Tuluk Biu.

Location:  Mt. Abang is located in the sub-district of Kintamani, Bangli. To get to the trailhead at Gunung Abang you should look for Penelokan on the way to Kintamani. About 4 km south of Penelokan is a right turn heading for Suter. Take this road and do not turn right off of this road. Follow the road until it becomes a dirt track that follows the crater rim; ask locals as often as you need.
Facility: Visitors must prepare their own requirements here. No facility is available.

Seraya mountain

Description: Opposite of the slope, on the edge of Seraya Mountain is Tirta Gangga or Gange Water, a 1930’s water park built by Prince Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, a respected statesman as well as self-educated architect. A temple inside the park provides a spring believed to be able to heal many diseases. Visitor can submerged, or swim in this spring.

Location: Seraya Mountain is located in the sub-district of Abang, Karangasem, 17 km from the capital Amlapura.
Facility: Accommodations, restaurants, souvenir shop

Mt. Lempuyang

Description: Mt. Lempuyang is the island’s easternmost peak located in the heavily forested area, with forest animals like monkey and various birds.
Balinese Hindu often set a regular pilgrimage (Tirta Yatra) to the Temple at the top of this mountainous peak. The temple has 1174 stairs. Balinese Hindu believes that once in their life they must pay a visit to this important temple.

Location: Mt. Lempuyang is located north-eastern of, not far from, the capital city Amlapura.
Facility: On the edge of this mountain, only traditional accommodations and shops are allowed, because the government set to maintain the holiness of the existing temple.

Mt. Agung

Description: Mt Agung (3,142) is an active volcano with an enormous and very deep crater that occasionally vents out smoke and steam. The highest point is on the southwest part of the rim, a barren and rocky hill of fine volcanic rock. The summit area is above the tree line, due to the high winds and sterilizing effects of recent volcanic activity. The surrounding rainforests is almost always cloudy, and the potentially awesome view of the entire island spread out beneath you is extremely beautiful.

On the edge of this island’s tallest peak is the biggest Hindu temple, Besakih. Thousands of Hindu followers from around the world made a pilgrimage here every year for praying. The unique, multi-layered architecture of the temple shows the traditional social structure of Balinese people.

Location: Mt. Agung is located in Rendang sub-district, Karangaesm, a three-hour drive from Denpasar.
Facility: Traditional or modern accommodation, restaurant, public transportation, local guides, and others tourist facilities can be found here.

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