What is the Bali Tourism Board?

Bali Tourism Board (BTB) was established on the 1st of March 2000 formed by nine major Bali tourism associations. With the unstable business climate hamper the island, BTB is hoped to build and develop a better and more sustainable tourism industry in Bali. Considering the importance of the tourism industry and the capability of BTB in associating with government, community, and industry alike, the Governor of Bali officially recognized BTB on 10 May 2000 as the embodiment of a new partnership between the travel industry, the government, and the local community. Since then, BTB has earned the respect and support of all related government agencies, including the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

BTB consults with and represents the tourism industry, the public, and the government with a new spirit and under a new paradigm. BTB aims to increase the quality of life of the Balinese people while facilitating and enhancing the travel experiences of both domestic and international tourists through synergy with relevant non-governmental organizations, the mass media, and local authorities. With this new paradigm, BTB is clearly functioning as a tourism board that is responsible for the continued development of the local community.

Vision and mission:

Menjadikan Bali sebagai destinasi terbaik di dunia melalui peningkatan pengelolaan daerah tujuan wisata secara professional.

Mempromosikan, membangun dan mengelola Bali sebagai daerah tujuan wisata unggulan

Sebagai koordinator dari asosiasi industri pariwisata di Bali dan memfungsikannya untuk tujuan memperjuangkan kepentingan industri pariwisata.

Memperlihatkan dan mempromosikan Bali sebagai daerah tujuan wisata dengan jalan memberikan masukan kepada pemerintah terhadap obyek-obyek wisata didaerahnya sehingga dapat dipromosikan oleh industri pariwisata

Member and benefit:

  1. Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association ( PHRI ), Bali Chapter
  2. Association of Indonesian Tour and Travel Agencies ( ASITA ), Bali Chapter
  3. Indonesian Tour Guide Association ( HPI ), Bali Chapter
  4. Bali Tourism Transportation Association ( PAWIBA )
  5. Society of Indonesian Professional Convention Organizers ( SIPCO ), Bali Chapter
  6. Indonesian Tourist Attraction Organization ( PUTRI ), Bali Chapter
  7. Indonesian Marine Tourism Association ( GAHAWISRI ), Bali Chapter
  8. Pacific Asia Travel Association ( PATA ), Bali and Nusa Tenggara Chapter
  9. Bali Villagetourism marketing and promotion association

The rapid development of tourism industry with its potential and opportunities, BTB aims to strengthen the position by continuously expand its membership further by involving:

  1. Government tourism bodies
  2. Relevant state enterprises
  3. Tourism-related companies
  4. Educational institutions
  5. Other tourism-related associations
  6. Relevant community bodies

Being a member of BTB also benefits these associations with the wide range of network between members, and the company listed at the BTB website.