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What is ASITA?
Launched in Jakarta on January 7th 1971, the Association of The Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) is the only legally acknowledged non-profit alliance of Indonesian travel entrepreneurships. Operating under the RI Law No. 9/ 1990 regarding Tourism, ASITA provides headship to the communal efforts of Indonesian travel agencies.
The objectives and visions of ASITA are as follows:

  • To serve and protect the interests of its members
  • To mediate any tourism-related interests, both for its member and external parties.
  • To preserve the harmonic relationship and cooperation within its membership and externally, with both tourism-related and non-tourism-related parties.
  • To improve the image of the Indonesian tourism industry by ensuring satisfaction and security, while also protecting and guaranteeing the needs of the customers and other parties that are involved within the Association, without sacrificing the needs of its members.

All facets of travel agency operation are represented within ASITA’s partnership, which provides a number of services to the tourism and travel industry.

Achievements and Missions
The exclusively ordered organizations within ASITA have set up structures and made far-reaching efforts to boost the development, value and quality of Indonesian travel and tourism for the benefit of its membership. ASITA has long been active in providing a cohesive structure in order to accommodate the aspirations of its members, while uniting and enhancing its members’ efforts to achieve collective goals, as well as intermediating the travel entrepreneurships with government and other parties. In addition to encouraging cultural and environmental-based tourism, ASITA is optimally adopting the local genius concept, while also developing the environmentally friendly civil-based cultural tourism industry.

ASITA observes active membership. Anything to do with membership, such as application, acceptance, appointment and dismissal are regulated in The Rules of The Association (ART). There are five types of ASITA membership.

  • Full Members
    Comprising Indonesian travel companies (including their branches) that have been legalized by the government and issued with ASITA’s registered membership numbers.
  • Associate Members
    comprising tourism related companies, tourism educational institutions, and government tourism institutions.
  • Allied Associate Members (Non Residential Members)
    Comprising Hotel Tour Operators and other tourism companies overseas.
  • Honorary Members
    Granted to individuals or institutions that are meritorious for ASITA
  • Life Members
    Appointed by the national ASITA leadership (DPP), and granted to persons who have shown great dedication to ASITA.

Head of DPD ASITA Bali: Al Purwa, MBA
Bali Tourism Board Building
Jl. Raya Puputan No. 41 Renon – Denpasar
Fax: +62-361-244263
E-mail: [email protected]

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