Taxi Companies

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The list of taxi companies in Bali

Company Address Phone Contact Person
Koptax Ngurah Rai Pesanggaran Dps Jl. BP Ngurah Rai Pesangaran Dps 721250 W. Pande Sudhiarta, SH
Komotra Bali Jl. Imam Bonjol Denpasar 499467 H. Hasbi
Koptax Jimbaran Bukit Permai Kel. Jimbaran Badung 709801 I Nyoman Sudirja
Kowinu Sentral Parkir BTDC Nusa Dua 773030 I Nyoman Sudarma
Bali Taksi Jl. BP Ngurah Rai No. 4 Jimbaran 702000 Hermanto S
Wahana Dharma Taksi Jl. Pulai Kawae No. 32A Dps 244555 K ngurah Sutarma, SH


  • Jeremiah ding

    I was overcharged by wahana Bali taxi number 181. I was charged rupiah 100 000 for a trip less then 1 km. when asked he refused to give a reasonable answer as why it’s as expensive. When Memtion that I will report him he didn’t seems to care and insisted that want me to pay rupiah 100 000. Please take action against this driver as it protray Bali tourism poorly and I won’t want to came to bali again because of this

  • Sheetal

    This Bali Taxi person just hit me . Please share till the Driver is caught and the police takes some strict action against him .

    He offered to ferry my sister and me from Kuta to Seminyak ( @50,000 rupiah) . Which we agreed . We needed to stop at our villa before proceeding to the beach and for that he asked for 20,000 rupiah more , which we agreed too . Just out of nowhere , he said show me the money to see if we had or not, which we did not show him . He got aggressive and then caught my hand and came to punch me . There was no one to help us . He was abusive and said we Indians don’t have Money .i
    Need to share this post to many , so that everyone is careful to deal with the Taxi Drivers here .

    His company is Bali Taxi and the pics are attached below
    His car no is DK 179 AR

  • N Singh

    Why are fake taxis in blue color allowed. I paid 150000 rupiah for a 5 km trip to a cab that was blue and had Bali Taxi written on it. No. DK 219 AX. You will ruin your name as a tourist destination with fraud like this. The driver was aggressive, rude and misbehaved. Great trip horrible cabs

  • snowy

    We caught a Bluebird taxi( THE BEST TO GET) for a trip from Kuta to Legian they use meters ,caught a BALI TAXI to get back driver didn’t use the meter and when we got back to the hotel tried to charge me the equivalent AU $20-00 when the trip out cost AU$2-00 I told him to get lost and chucked $5-00 on the seat and he drove off.
    Make sure your driver uses the meter.

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