Shopping Balinese Art Works at Sukawati Art Market

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Sukawati MarketSukawati Art Shop or Market is the place sells art items that would make a great Balinese souvenirs of Bali to a friend, relative, or your relatives. The art works that sold in Sukawati are very uniques and interseting, and the price is not so expensive. The kinds of art works like beaded sandals, shorts and Balinese, clothing, batik, bags, paintings, wood sculpture, bed covers, household appliances up trinkets and jewelery are sold here.

For those who have the expertise to offer, here do not be afraid to bargain, the seller would not be mad if we offered a low price. A pair of beaded slippers good bargain if we can we buy for ten thousand dollars. Even in the bargaining are advised to bid for a third of the price …. … Wow Nice

Sukawati Art Market is located in the Gianyar district not far from Ubud, an hour from Kuta or 1.5 hours from Bali’s airport with a journey overland.

When you feel less satisfied with the price being negotiated, do not be afraid to leave the seller. As long as prices are still generate profits for the seller, you will be called back. The best-selling items are usually sandals, clothing, and goods Balinese art.

Sukawati Market Arts

Arts on Sukawati Market

If you like shopping, preferably in the morning. Because in the morning at around 80-10, the seller had just finished prayers. Well according to their beliefs, if successful selling in the morning, it will bring luck for the seller along the day.

Sukawati Art Market has existed from the eighties (80′s). Open hours of eight in the morning until six o’clock. Unless Galungan and Nyepi day, Sukawati open every day and usually crowded on Sundays or public holidays

If yo have a vacation to Bali, do not forget to stop at the Sukawati Art Market. Advice was often spoken tour guides in Bali. Interested? Come on…

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