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Agus Priyanto:

Chinese Market Worked On through Golf Tournament

Organizing a golf tournament is not a grandiose event undertaken by Garuda Indonesia, but it is an endeavor to shore up the Visit Indonesia Year 2008. “At the same time, this tournament is intended to introduce Bali as the best destination with extraordinary golf facilities,” said the Commercial Director of Garuda Indonesia, Agus Priyanto to journalists during the opening of Visit Indonesia Year 2008 Garuda Indonesia Amateur Golf Tournament at Bali Golf and Country Club, Nusa Dua recently.

Agus said that the tournament presented special golfers from China and Indonesia. “China is now facing a golfing boom. In other words, the number of golfers in China continues to increase. They are from the middle to upper economic class and are frequent travelers,” he observed.

According to this tall man, China, with its population amounting to over 1.7 billion has become a great market that is being targeted by world tourism. The number of rich persons in China progressively swells in keeping with the increase of China’s economy. It has 2 million potential golfers. In addition, it also has several excellent golf courses. Unfortunately, during the cold season those courses can not be used because they are covered by snow. “This extraordinary potential can be taken advantage of to draw them to come to Indonesia. Moreover, the golf courses in Indonesia are favored by golfers from around the world,” added this man calmly.


On that occasion, he expressed the hopeful target to double the number of Chinese tourist visits to Bali. Previously, the number reached 150,000 and this year the target is 300,000 visitors. “For that purpose, Garuda Indonesia as the national carrier will increase its capacity from 120,000 (2007) to 150,000 this year,” he observed.

If the increase of such tourist visits is high, he added, his party would add flights and even operate a direct flight from China to Bali. At the moment, Garuda Indonesia serves the flight routes to Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai with 16 flights a week through Jakarta. (BaliTravelNews/budarsana)

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