Christmas and New Year in Bali

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Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Bali has become a repeated attraction performed by Balinese community, chiefly those managing hotels and restaurant. As a world tourist destination, Bali is truly tolerant and open to whoever and what religion they belong to.
That’s why the celebration of Christmas festivity and New Year in Bali is noted as a routine tradition taking place annually and almost all nooks and crannies of Bali, particularly at tourist destinations that are frequently visited by tourists.

On that account, the Christmas trees do not only vibrantly embellish the churches of which existence is in adequately great number in Bali. Christmas trees along with its accessories widely decorate the shopping centers, hotel lobbies, restaurant and even some schools or course agencies though not all of their employees or students practice Christianity. Just have a look at the English-language schools or courses sprawling around Denpasar, many are decorated with twinkling colorful lamps to show off the merriness on welcoming the Christmas.
Dear readers, it’s only one of the many forms of tolerance in religious life practiced by Balinese community where more than 90% of the population practice Hinduism. In this great festive season, we wish that you could celebrate Christmas and New Year in Bali flourishingly

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