Lombok places of interest

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West Lombok

Museum Nusa Tenggara Barat
The Architecture of this building is typical “Sasak” House. It is located in Jl. Panji Tilar negara Ampenan. The art fact are stored in it.
The Museum collection includes 1239 manuscript conveying the ancient history of the area, written on lontar (dried palm leaves), barks and bamboo, in ancient native language.

Museum Nusa Tenggara Barat lombok

Grave of General Van Ham
Van Ham was a Dutch General, who was killed in 1894 when the war between the king Lombok and the Dutch broke out.

Mayura Park
Mayura has a park and a beautiful pool which build in 1744 by A.A. Ngurah Karang Asem (King). In the middle of the pool there is a building which was called “Bale Kambang” (Floating Hall). It was used for judicila lawsuit or important meetings. The combination of Hindu and Islamic culture can be seem from architectural that exist in this park.

Meru Temple (Pura Meru)
Pura Meru, which is located in Cakranegara, was built 1720 during the ruler of Karang Asem Kingdom and was under the administration of A.A. Made Karang Asem. Pura Meru is symbol of the unity of the Hindu Followers in the island of Lombok.

Narmada Park
Narmada is ten kilometres of the east os Cakranegara on the main road that connect West Lombok and East Lombok. The lay out of Hill and Lake is the replica of the land on the top Mount Rinjani with is crater, lake of “Segara Anak”. It is said that king Anak Agung Gede Karang Asem that ruled Mataram became too old it was very difficult for him to climb up to the lake for offfering valuables things to the God by throwing them into the lake. So in the early year of the 19th, the replica of the lake and the hills were built and then he was able to worship in the holy temple in Narmada. While the priest made the journey to the lake “Segara Anak” for offerins. The replica of the lake “Segara Anak” can be seen in Narmada. Once a year a ceremony is held and number of duck a released in to the lake. When the master of ceremony gives a sign to start, boys plung into the lake and try to catch them. Whoever catches a duck may keep it. The beautiful pura in Narmada Park which was named after a sacred India river, was dedicated to Shiva and is called Pura Kalasa.

Suranadi is one of the holy Hindu Temple in Lombok. There are several springs here. The fish that live in the pond around the temple have been sanctifed and so may be caught.
It is situated in the east of Lingsar and has cool air. Suranadi has also a natural park – forrest where many kind od singing can be found seen by the visitors.

If you have your own transport, you can reach the attractive village of Sesaot from Suranadi. Head up the road that goes past the Hutan, turn right at the T-junction and continue uphill for about 5 km to the village. The presence of a temple as well as a mosque testifies to the religiously mixed nature of this small but bustling village in the hills. For the casuals visitors it’s the situation next to the river that’s the draw, with good views across the fields and plenty of place for a quite picnic beside the river – either follow the path beside the mosque down to the river or across the rickety road bridge at the top of the village to the other side. Unfortunately there is rather too much rubbish for any of the area to be called prestive.


Is situated in the north of Narmada. It has worshipping places that lie side by side for Hindu (Balinese) and Indigenous Animistic Belief (Sasak). The Hindu temple is (regarded) as the most sacred placed in Lombok and was built in 1714.

Gunung Sari
Is located 4 km in the north of Mataram. This village is known of its old temple in traditional market. It is also stop over place before procceeding to other place of interest in the north West Lombok.

Batu Bolong
Or hollow rock is one of the place of interest that lies at the beach. There is a Hindu temple that was built on the top of the rock, next to the hollow stone. This temple FACEs on the “Lombok” strait and Mount Agung in Bali. The Hindu religius ceremony is often held in this place. People enjoy the sunset from Batu Bolong.

This is resort that has some classes of the hotel accommodation, from the low class to the hight class. It lies by the sea and has white sandy beaches. People enjoy the beautiful sunset from here. It is 10 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind of facilities

Malimbu is a tourist resort that has very clean blue sea water. It is good forwind surfing. This places is located 20 km from Mataram and can be reached by kind of vehicles. People can enjoy the sunset from this place too.

Telu Kodek
This is located in the north of Malimbu and it is a comfortable place to enjoy the sunset sitting, on the white sandy beach.

It is on the road top of the hills to the northern part of Lombok with a tropical and monkey forrest. Many monkeys can be seen her. From this place you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of the nature.

Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan
There are three groups of small islands that lie in the northern part of west of Lombok. There are very suitable for snorkling, scuba diving, and fishing. They have coral reefs, with white sandy beaches and marine gardens. They are of blue corals are only found in two world in the carabain sea and in the Gili Air, Gili Meno Lombok Indonesia. This place can be reached by bus from Cakranegara to Bangsal – Pemenang 27km from Cakranegara and it takes 20 minutes to Gili Air, 30 minutes to Gili Trawangan. Accommodation are available.

Senaru is traditional village. It is stop over place before and after climbing Mount Rinjani. The traditional life of people in this village is very interesting. It can reached on foot from Batu Koq.

Sire Beach
This beach is located 2km to the north of Bangsal. It has the white sandy Leach and its good for sunbathing, swimming and snorkling.

Gili Nanggu
Is very beautiful islet. It is very suitable for canoeing and sailing. It is located between two islet : gili Sudak and Gili Tangkong. It takes about 20 minutes by boat from Lembar and 10 minutes from Tawun.

A white sandy beach is found here and it is nice place for swim and sunbathing. This place is located 75 km from Mataram an dcan be reached by any kind vehicles.

Labuhan Poh
This is stop place before procceding to Gili Gede, Gili Poh, Gili Layar and Banko-Banko. It is located 42 km from Mataram an dcan be reached by any kind vehicles.

Gili Poh
Gili Poh is a small island. The Sasak traditional village and traditional fishing life can be seen here.

This is natural forrest reservation which has white sandy beach. It is very suitable for surfing. The distance is 80 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind of vehicles. The Japanese cannot be found in this area.

Gunung Pengsong
A Hindu temple is located on the hill. It ha a natural panorama and monkeys. It was used as a hiding place by the Japanese soldiers. When the war againts the Dutch broke out during the second world war. The distance from Mataram is 9 km in the south. It can be reached by cidomo/dokar (a cart drawn by a house).

Lembar is a port that connects the island of Bali and Lombok.

Gili Genting
Gili Genting is a beach that protrudes to the sea. It has very beautiful white sand and there is an islet (Gili Lontar) across from it. It is very suitable for marine tourism. It is located in the southern part of West Lombok about 45 km from Mataram and can be reached by microbus.

Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake
Mount Rinjani (3726m) is located in the northern part of Lombok and is third highest mountain in Indonesia. For the people of Lombok both Sasak and Balinese. Rinjani is a holy place and very believe that the summits is the home of the God.
Climbing a mountain is unforgetable experience. There is a large crate below it. The elevation of this place is 2.000 metres above the sea level. A new volcano called Mount Barujari appeared in the crater of lake “Segara Anak“. It is an active volcano and there is a hot spring that can be cure the diseas. People enjoy fishing in the lake “Segara Anak”. There are ways climbing up the mountain : from Senaru, in the north and from Sembalun in the east. It is 78 km from Mataram to Pesugulan. There are some nice place camping by the lake.

The Village of Sukarara lies in the district od central Lombok, 28 km from Mataram. The sound of the traditional looms is heard every day. The people in this village are very simple. The culture and traditional weaving were inheritated from their anchestors. Even today, Mothers pass down their unique skills to daughters. They produce beautiful artistic wovencloth which has exclusive designs. They use cotton, silk, golden silk and silver yarns material.

The villages of Penujak in the subdistrict of West Praya in Central Lombok, is less than an hour by car from Mataram. This village produces variety of earthen ware.

Sade the Traditional Village
The village of Rambitan or Sade is situated 19 km in the South of Praya in Central Lombok. This village is famous fro traditional houses that show architectural designs. The village is located on the hills. The Sasak traditional houses and cultural can be seen here. The cool and beautiful village is surrounded by the rice fields. The characteristic of this traditional village is very exclusive. Visitors are welcome to visit time by weaving Gedogan using very simple apparatus/looms.

Located on the west coast highway, north of the Gilis, Tanjung is a town whose commerce is a based on the fruits of the sea nearby as well as the agricultural products of the surrounding countryside. The Tanjung area of the drive north to the Mt. Rinjani foothills takes you through a lush area of verdant rice fields. Passing over rivers you can see plots of water cress growing, one of Lombok’s most popular dishes, kangkung, in the shallows. The road cuts through coconut groves alternating with rice fields and vegetable gardens. Not more than twenty minutes later, however, the road runs beside the black sand beach and the terrain becomes distinctly arid for the rest of the trip north.

Krakas & Godang
Four kilometres past the town of Tanjung on the coast is Krakas, famous for one thing, fresh cool spring water. More famous because the spring is located at the bottom of the sea 400 metres off shore at a depth of ten metres. Local fishermen, who will gladly take you out in their boats for a small fee, coolect the water which is suitable for drinking. Drive a few kilometres further north and just past the small town of Godang you will see a sign pointing to the Tiu Pupas waterfall and seven nearby caves.

East Lombok

Otak Kokok Gading
This one of the places of interest that has a water fall. It is believed that water can cure any kind of diseased by bathing. This place is located 40 km from Mataram and can reached by any kind of transport.

Jeruk Manis
It it a waterfall lies in cool forrest. It is also called “Aik Temer” because people believe that the water can cure the baldness. This waterfall is located 52 km from Mataram, 2 km from the north of Tete Batu and can be reach on foot.

Loyok Centra Handicraft
The bamboo handicrafts centralized in this area. They are very famous exclusive view for local design at lies 45 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind of vihicles.

Tete Batu
It is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani in the southern part. The water is very cold has a wonderful panorama. It is located 50 km from Mataram.

Kota Raja
Kota Raja which has avery wonderful panorama and a waterfall with the elevantion of 55 km. This village is located on the north-east of Lombok, 100 km from Mataram and can be reached by any of vihicles

It is the capital of the district of East Lombok and it it stop aver place before procceding to Labuhan Haji and Kaliantan. The distance is 55 km from Mataram.

It is very white sandy beach. In this area “Bau Nyale
ceremony is held here and at the same times as in Kuta Beach. The distances is 100 km from Mataram.

In this village where people make statue and wood carfing. This village is located 45 km from Mataram.

This is dense forrest area which is know as place of interest. It has swimming pool and springs. The weather is very cool.

Gili Lampu
The beauty of under water garden and colourful fish is very extraordinary. These three small island can reach by boat feom Labuhan Lombok.

Sembalun Lawang
It is traditional village in the district of east Lombok. That is situated in the eastern slope of Mount Rinjani and it is stop over place before by any kind of vihicles.

This is located 45 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind of vihicles. Peoples in this village make handicraft from palm/lontar leaves, such as boxes, bag, mats, wallets and other ornaments.

Kwang Wai Beach
This is a beautiful sandy beach that is very suitable for sunbathing, snorkling and wind surfing. The beach is surrounded by the green coconut trees. The distances is about 70 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind vihicles.

Biraq Traditional Village
This village is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. This traditional village is called Biraq. Their way of living is very simple.

Lenek is one of places of interest which it has traditional “Sasak” dance with several of dancer in theatre. This village is produce any kind of souvenir, the location is not far from Loang Gali as one tourist objects and there is special fauna namely is Black Monkey.

This is very famous for its beautiful panorama. A homestay was built by the Dutch. This Place is located 65 km from Mataram and can be reached by any kind of vihicles.

This village has traditional woven cloth. It lies in East Lombok. This village is located 58 km from Mataram.

Very beautiful panorama. This place is located 77 km from Mataram.

Gili Lampu, Gili Sulat and Gili Layar
The are three islet lie in the north-east of Lombok. They have white sandy beaches. They are very suitable place for snorkling and diving, climbing mountain Rinjani or going to the Segara Anak Lake. The distance is about 150 km from Mataram.

Grave of Selaparang
This is sacred grave of Selaparang Kings. This grave is located at Presak Village. Subdistrict of Pringgabaya. It is 65 km from Mataram.


Driving south-east out of Mataram leads you eventually to the ruggedly beautiful, pristine, south coast Kuta Region. This is a coastline of majestic beauty that rivals any in the world. Protected coves and others more exposed are battered by the waves of the Indian ocean.

Selong Blanak
Twelve kilometres west of Kuta on the south coast is the tranguil bay bordered by rocky promontories of Selong Blanak with its beach settlement of fishermen and their multi-coloured outrigger canoes. Nearby is a surf beach called Maui which is mainly visited by surfboard riders intent on catching exceptionally fast waves. Because of the steep take-offs and the fact that the waves are ridden over very shallow coral its is recommended that only the very experienced venture out into the water.

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