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28 March 2008
Seaweed Cultivated

Kutuh is a coastal tourist resort at the southernmost tip of Bali Island. This village is not only pleasant to visit due to the splendor of its waves

28 March 2008
Security throughout Lake Batur

Preserving the security, convenience and maintaining a conducive atmosphere is not an easy task. From time to time security obstructions occur around the Lake Ba26 March 2008
Brief News from Bali

26 March 2008
Nyepi at Kuta “Global Kampong”

Global Kampong — By the celebration of Nyepi or Day of Silence, Isaka Year 1930 (7 March 2008), Kuta looked more splendid than on the ordinary days.

26 March 2008
Balinese Life
Are your daily routines getting you down? If so, why not think about taking a break. Leave the mounted files and tiring screen of your computer and find tangible scenery – not found on your screensaver! Come to the beach, there are many things to see, to

26 March 2008
Bali Meeting
A BALI meeting three months ago between Victorian Premier John Brumby and federal minister Penny Wong paved the way for the $10 billion deal to save the Murray.

14 March 2008
Turtle Island

Aside from being nicknamed Turtle Island, Serangan Island is now celebrated as the center of lobster cultivation. Established two years ago in December 2006, these cultivate

14 March 2008

Widada Sulistya: Weather No Hindrance for Traveling to Bali

11 March 2008
Brief News

Brief News around Bali

05 March 2008
Meditation During Nyepi New Year Celebration

Do you like meditation? If so, Bali is the perfect place to spend your vacation. Bali, besides being rich

05 March 2008

This March, the Hindus in Bali and other parts of this archipela

05 March 2008
Nyepi a Hallmark Event

The issuing of Visit Indonesia Year 2008 along with 100-event promotion across the country has become the Indonesian government’s program through the Department of Culture and Tourism to induc
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