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25 April 2005
IFC/Pensa and BTB in E-commerce Awareness Workshop
Tourism very coherent with Bali and Bali is identified with tourism. As long to the journey of technology of Internet, tourism industry has tried technological adaptation. But, in fact, it still doing only by high level ones.

16 April 2005
Law Seminar
Seminar About Tradition of Law 16 April 2005 Law is fact of our life. When we observe deeply than, the growth of law in the world walk in two of law system which predominating.

07 April 2005
Survey On Information Technology by Bali Tourism Board
Survey On Information Technology by Bali Tourism Board, Searching For Usage of Communications Facility in Bali. April – June 2005. Growth of Information Technology (IT) in nowadays not yet been played the part of as primary tools in business.

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