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30 June 2005
Bali: Center of Spiritual
A pride had by Bali, that is developing luxury and biggest of Temple of Buddha (Vihara).

25 June 2005
Presenting Traditions at the Kuta Karnival 2005
Balinese traditional art performance has been a permanent agenda at he annual Kuta Karnival where the previous Kuta Karnivals, this event is specially performed on the beach at the daily sunset throughout the period of the Karnival, attracting thousands o

23 June 2005
Surfing The Kuta Karnival 2005, June 25 – July 3
The history of Kuta is never far away from the waves, which for many years have been a major attraction, bringing thousands of surfers to Kuta, invigorating and giving definition to the lifestyle of this so called international village.

06 June 2005
July 2005: BTB will hold its 1st Convention
The tourism industry in Bali will conduct a big programme on 29 July, 2005, when the Bali Tourism Board (BTB) will hold its 1st convention since BTB was founded in 2002.

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