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12 July 2005
Golf Tournament To Boost Sanur Tourism
The tournament aims to promote golf in Sanur as the sport grows in importance in the national and international scenes. In a broader scope, this tournament will also maintain and increase the presence of Sanur as a golf destination

05 July 2005
GARUDA AIRLINES with Strong Commitment to Manage Japan Market
Proven until April 2005, Japanese arrivals to Bali still occupy to reaching 23.314 people. “Garuda Airlines has strong commitment.”

05 July 2005
Bali as tourist destination for health
At present, Spa is tourism package, which is exclusive. Not aside from Bali as the window of Spa business.

03 July 2005
Colors at Kuta Karnival Parade
The Kuta Karnival Parade on Sunday July 3 will paint the tourist village red and will set new heights of being the greatest street carnival in Kuta. Involving of hundreds of local community and tourist industry partners, the participants will circle the r

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