Nusa Dua Beach

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The sparking paradise in Bualu village are the most preferred place of stay for the up and demanding western markets, such as Russia or French. It means “two islands” in Bahasa Indonesia. There is one of premier resort areas in the world. The area is located 20 minutes south of Denpasar International Airport, Ngurah Rai, and is a short drive to many of Bali’s world-class luxury resort hotels.

Nusa Dua is where 5-star-rated resorts, well-furnished villas and boutique spas are built. It is all about indulgence, pleasure and comfort that is packed in luxury services of the grand Bali-ornamented and minimalist style hotel buildings.

Their presence close to the local residences is to picture the harmony of modern and traditional living.

Nusa Dua beach in Bali

The government-run dreamland is guaranteed for its safety and security, making it the best sanctuary for honeymooners. Coconut palms that shield the roadside project some comfort to the surrounding as well as protect your delicate skin from sunburn.

Vendors are well-located in certain areas to give the look of cleanliness and convenience.

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