RI Tourism Ad

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In an endeavor to actively promote tourist destinations in Indonesia and swiftly recover the tourism image, the government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI has placed 60-second advertising on several television stations.

The detailed schedule is as follow: – Discovery Travel and Living ” July 19th to Sept. 3rd and Sept. 13th to Sept. 20th.
– CNN and CNN.com ” July 24th to Aug. 27th, and Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th.
– BS Asahi ” Sept. 22nd to Sept. 24th.
– Star One ” August 7th to Sept 25th and Dec. 13th ” 15th.
– Xing Kong Wei Shi ” Aug. 7th to Sept. 25th, and Oct. 19th to Nov. 27th.

Indonesia’s tourism branding is Indonesia, the Ultimate in Diversity. This slogan tells us that there are various tourist destinations and attractions, from cultural, natural, to man-made attractions. The destinations spread from the west to the east, passing three time zones. This is what the slogan is trying to show about the vastness of the country.

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