Sakenan Temple

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Sakenan Temple was intentionally built to represent high respect of the local people to Danghyang (Dang Hyang) Asta18 Pura Besakih paka, a holy priest whose belief was Budha Mahayana. Situated at Serangan Island, warmly blanketed with beautiful beach and mangrove forest, the Sakenan is often visited by the Hindu followers a day after Kuningan Day (Umanis Kuningan).

Is built in the 13th century by a holy priest namely, “Dang Hyang Dwijendra” on a small island very close to the Benoa Harbour and Nusa Dua.

Sakenan Temple, Bali

Local outrigger sailing canoes can be hired from Sanur for and Hour’s scenic sail down the coast, or motorized canoes. Now, it can be reached through a roadway in approximately 15 minutes to the east of Kuta. The other name of temple is Sakenen.

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