Security throughout Lake Batur

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Preserving the security, convenience and maintaining a conducive atmosphere is not an easy task. From time to time security obstructions occur around the Lake Batur area in Kintamani, Bangli.

Lake Batur has much potential. Its biological resources and others have become so famous and it draws many foreign visitors. Just visit the burial ground of Trunyan Village where the corpse is only laid on the ground. Similarly, the Toya Bungkah hot spring and the lake panorama are surrounded by ancient villages at the fringes of Lake Batur.

Observe too the local villagers fishing, paddling traditional canoes and ritual festivities at large temples located around the Lake Batur. These images give unique impression to those who visit here. However, this uniqueness will disappear if the security gets disturbed.

Realizing the significance of security factor, several existing components are now coming to an agreement to take improvement measures. All are intended to maintain the security and convenience of traveling at Lake Batur. An excellent example is that which has been carried out by Cooperative of Tourist Transport Services handling the crossing at Lake Batur. This company has replaced its transport vehicles. Formerly, they used wooden boats with only 10 HP and now these have been substituted with 40 HP fiberglass motorboats. The cooperative’s head, I Nengah Dester said these fiberglass motorboats had great impact on the security and convenience of traveling at Lake Batur. Additionally, the time taken to reach the pier from Kedisan Village to the cemetery of Trunyan becomes shorter. “Previously, it takes us some 2 hours by wooden boat. Besides, the fiberglass boat is more stable,” he said.

Related to the security of Lake Batur, the Regional Government of Bangli has assigned a Unit of Regional Technical Administrator (URTA) of Lake Batur Crossing (regional apparatus of the same level as technical administrator). Meanwhile, the police department has also assigned 12 water personnel equipped with patrol boat to secure the territory of Lake Batur.

Head of the URTA of Lake Batur, I Putu Rai said that in securing the Lake Batur his party is also assisted by pecalang (traditional security task force) of Kedisan customary village. I Nyoman Kaba, a village figure of Kedisan customary village added that “Involvement of pecalang will improve the security of Lake Batur. Moreover, this year we will welcome the ‘Visit Indonesia Year 2008’.” (BTN/Suka)

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