Street Soccer Tournament

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For more than 64 teams will take a part in 4 on 4 Street Soccer Tournament in Bali. 4 on 4 Street Soccer Tournament is a recreational tournament and it is a fast-paced, high-energy, high-scoring 4 on 4 short-sided soccer games. This event will be held at Mal Bali Galleria 12-13 August 2007.

4 on 4 Street Soccer Tournament is open to anyone who loves the game, male or female. Registration for the Tournament is conducted by the team. A Team consists of 4 – 5 players: 1 goalie and 3 field players (we strongly recommend 1 substitute).
Coaches are not required but desired! All players (including goalkeepers) must wear the same style of team uniform. Registration at Information Desk Mal Bali Galeria Simpang Siur, and will be closed at 10 August 2007. Street Soccer delivers constant action, more ball handling, a premium on skills, fun and team work.
There will be DJ Performance, Sexy dancer, Fashion Show, Break dance and a lot of game waiting for you!

This event is organized by neu idee production, sponsored by XL and supported by Paintball Bali, Kratingdaeng, Aj Hackett, Jerk, Oz Radio, Cassanova Radio, Sarana Dewata and Variations.

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