The Natural Light in Bali

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International Panels of experts gathered across four regions in Asia over the last few weeks to judge over 580 entries for 2008 UNESCO award of Excellence for handicraft.

On October 14th in Bangkok the UNESCO award of excellence was presented to a handful of artisans and craft companies from South East Asia region. The Natural Light Company had the distinction of being one of the three companies from Indonesia to win the award, the sole winner in Bali, and the only candle company to receive the award in Asia.

The range of handicraft submissions was highly diverse, including traditionally woven textiles and fibres, metal works, carvings, ceramics and candles. In South East Asia submissions were taken from eleven countries with product from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand being considered for this year’s award.

An international panel of experts in design, marketing and handicraft production, systematically judged the submissions through four key criteria including: Excellence, authenticity, innovation and marketability as well as other criteria such as design, eco-friendliness and the social responsibility of the producer.

By recognizing such characteristics in craftsmanship, the UNESCO programme aims to encourage the craft sector to preserve cultural diversity and traditional skills, to promote high standards of quality and authenticity, raise international awareness for Asian handicraft products while encouraging artisans to consider the relevance and function of their creations. The winning entries will be on permanent display at the SACICT Center in Bangsai, and at several upcoming regional and international exhibitions and trade fairs.

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