Tips On Bali Vacation

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Bali is one island in Indonesia that have a lot of charm. The Charm of Bali was very well known not only in Indonesia, even to the corners of the world. There are not even familiar with Jakarta than Bali.
Lots of foreign and domestic tourists who visited Bali to enjoy a vacation that will not be forgotten. There are participating in a package tour, but there is also seeking its own way by bringing their own vehicle.
There are plenty of good car rental motorcycles and cars. For the rental rate per day was also varies depending on the type of vehicle rented. For instance the rental price for a small motorcycle approximately Rp100, 000 per day or $ 10 per day. If you use MPV car , it has ranges from Rp 250.000 – Rp 300.000 or US$ 25 – US$ 30.
For tourists who take a trip to Bali by a package tour is not experienced many problems because all of the events arranged by the tour organizers. But what about the tourists who do not follow the package tour? If that is what you do, you need to know the location and attractiveness of any given tourist attraction in Bali.

Bali car rental

Bali car rental

Calculate the Number of Members

First step, and must not be forgotten is the count the number of members who participate in your entourage. If more than two people are more practical if you rent a car. But if you are alone or only two can choose a motorcycle as a vehicle.

Determine the purpose of Tourism Object

Open up the map of Bali, and specify the destination as a tourist attraction which will you visit. Make a circular groove of your entrance to Bali until you leave Bali.

If using a travel overland, for example from Java, signed from Port Gilimanuk, Bali Surround anticlockwise so that eventually they will return to Gilimanuk.

But if you go to Bali through Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, and after that you plan to rent a vehicle, measure the distance from the hotel where you stay, if you are visiting as a tourist attraction near, it’s better to rent a motorcycle, but if you must rent a car remote.

Note also the time you visited a tourist attraction, if you want to shop, you can do in the morning beginning at 8 (eg, to the Art Market Sukawati). For a tourist attraction located in the highlands, visit during the day. And that should not be missed is a visit to the beach is best if done in the afternoon, because you definitely will pursue Sunset.


    How much the airport terminal fee at Ngurah Rai Airport for outbound international passenger? Thank you.

  • Robert Lim

    We went to Jimbaran Bay sunset seafood dinner,don’t go there,I paid AU$265 for 2 fish ,5 prawn and less 1 kilo of squid.They ripped off exactly.They cheated the customers,the worest value dinner in the world in my life.Don’t go there,otherwise you will be regret and I tried to prevent suffer like me.

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