Tirta Empul Temple

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Built in 960 B.C. during the reign of Warmadewa Dynasty, an amazing spiritual adventure awaits you here in this temple. Visitors are allowed to take a bath in the pond which has clear water. The unstoppable water flow is believed to be able to cure any kinds of diseases.

A pilgrimage tour to the holiest spring of Tirta Empul is really rewarding. Balinese believe to have their spirits cleaned or their physical illness cared by bathing in the holy springs.
Legend tells that the God Indra once tapped the springs during his battle with evil Mayadanawa. Following Mayadanawa’s wicked deed of poisoning nearby river and making hundreds of Indra’s retailers sick, the god created a spring of pure and sacred water to sure them.

A temple was built around the springs and special bathing pools.

Tirta Empul temple, Bali

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